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HomeTrust Bank’s mortgage calculator helps you make better mortgage decisions

With this mortgage calculator, compare rates and monthly payments for a variety of mortgage loan options. Our calculator loads our current rates for you—an added convenience that many calculators don’t provide.


Enter Loan Amount:
Loan Type Rate APR Monthly Payment As of
30 Year Fixed Rate 4.875 APR 4.971 Monthly Payment As of December 10, 2018
15 Year Fixed Rate 4.375 APR 4.533 Monthly Payment As of December 10, 2018
10 Year Fixed Rate 4.375 APR 4.603 Monthly Payment As of December 10, 2018
5/1 ARM Rate 5.125 APR 5.381 Monthly Payment As of December 10, 2018
7/1 ARM Rate 4.875 APR 5.226 Monthly Payment As of December 10, 2018
10/1 ARM Rate 5.625 APR 5.643 Monthly Payment As of December 10, 2018

The advertised rates listed are based on the following assumptions: loan amount of $250,000 with a down payment of 20% for a single-family, owner-occupied primary residence. Pricing is based on 0% discount points. Monthly payments do not include taxes and insurance – actual obligation may be higher.

Annual Percentage Rate and terms subject to credit approval. Rates may be higher depending on individual circumstances including credit score, loan-to-value ratio and requested loan amount. ARM loans are variable rate loans; interest rates and payments may increase after loan origination. Click on the monthly payment for more details.

Make an informed decision

When you are considering buying or refinancing a home, the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. Knowing your monthly payment before you secure a loan helps you decide whether or not to proceed with the loan. If you are confident you can manage the payments, knowing your primary loan amount lets you create a budget, pay off debt as needed before you get a loan, and assess your financial situation in terms of future purchases. This includes items you may need after you buy or refinance a home.

That’s why HomeTrust Bank provides this handy mortgage payment calculator. This home loan calculator illustrates what you will pay using various fixed-rate or adjustable-rate types of loans.


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