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Receivables Services

Take advantage of these great receivables tools—they allow you up-to-the-minute account status and help manage cash flow.

ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) Services

Achieve greater control over your cash receipts, improve cash flow, and realize more cost effective ways to collect receivables.  ACH gives you a safe and reliable alternative to checks and wire transfers. Business Center ACH lets you easily initiate ACH debits to your suppliers and customers after they agree to pay you electronically.

With ACH:

  • Reduce billing costs
  • Speed up the collection process
  • Collect funds for services, dues, memberships
  • Pay vendors, partners, and taxes
  • Consolidate funds into a central location
  • Reduce fraud and issues with lost payments
  • Streamline settlement and cash flow

Remote Deposit Capture

Securely deposit checks digitally by scanning checks received in your office and electronically transmitting the images for deposit when it’s convenient for you. All it takes is a computer, a small scanner, and a high-speed Internet connection. Remote Deposit Capture lets you post receivables faster and search and retrieve check images anytime you need them.

With the convenience of Remote Deposit Capture:

  • Receive same-day credit for deposits made prior to 7:00 p.m.
  • Increase efficiency; no more time spent going to the bank to deposit checks
  • Reduce transportation risk and costs
  • Control multi-user access with different security levels
  • Download to your accounting software anytime you want
  • Quickly search and retrieve current and archived deposit information

Electronic Bill Payment Delivery Service

Here is a unique solution to payments that would otherwise be received by mail. Electronic Bill Payment Delivery Service from HomeTrust Bank electronically delivers incoming consumer payments from any qualified online bill pay provider.  You receive payments at least a day earlier, with clean, properly coded posting data in your preferred format.

Reasons to use Electronic Bill Payment Delivery Service:

  • Improve the process of accepting and posting consumer payments
  • Reduce the cost of processing paper (exceptions) payments
  • Improve received payments’ posting time
  • Improve customer service
  • Integrate the electronic file automatically into your accounts receivables system

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