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Fraud and Risk Mitigation

Help protect your accounts from fraud, unauthorized electronic access, and add an extra security layer with these Treasury services.

ACH (Automated Clearinghouse) Block/Filters

ACH Block prevents Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) debit transactions from posting to your account.

ACH Filter allows debits to your account only from suppliers or trading partners authorized by you. HomeTrust Bank will return unauthorized debits attempting to post to your account.

Use these services to:

  • Protect accounts from fraudulent activity
  • Prevent unauthorized electronic transactions
  • Control electronic access to your accounts

Positive Pay for Checks

Positive Pay helps protect your account against fraudulent check activity.  Upload your check register information (check number, amount, date, account number) using Business Center. Each day we monitor checks as they are presented for payment.  If the clearing check matches the information, we pay the check.  If there is no match, you receive notification to view the check and decide to pay or return the item.

Positive Pay:

  • Helps reduce check fraud
  • Lets you receive alert notification of checks to review
  • Allows you to review and make decisions on questionable checks online

Securing your online connection

For an additional layer of security to your existing anti-virus software, use Trusteer Rapport. We provide this IBM® product as a free service to our Business Center customers. IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport® helps prevent malware and phishing attacks that are the root cause of most financial fraud.

IBM® Security Trusteer Rapport provides:

  • Multilayered protection to secure user devices against malware infections and phishing attacks
  • Protection of web browser sessions to prevent tampering of customer transactions
  • Defense against identity fraud to safeguard personal information
  • Prevention of malware infections and removal of existing malware to create a safer online banking experience for customers
  • Protection against phishing of login credentials and payment card data to preserve private information

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